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Paint The White House Purple In Saints Row IV

The upwardly mobile Third Street Saints have conquered Stilwater and Steelport, but apparently they had their eyes set on the highest office this whole time. In Saints Row IV, the gang takes over Washington D.C. and gets superpowers. At this point, why even bother arguing?

According to new publisher Deep Silver, the game starts with the Saints' leader elected president of the United States. Then there's an alien invasion, and the player is thrust into an alien-created simulation of Steelport. In that world, characters can use alien tech against their aggressors and even gain access to superpowers. You can see some of those in action in the announce trailer below, including flight, power dives, the ability to freeze opponents, and more.

The game is due out on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20.

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  • It looks like it has been a busy morning. Thanks for the info, Cork.
  • Nice! Nothin' like more Murder Time Fun Time!
  • Nice start to the weekend.

  • Cover story?

  • plot reminds me of superman64 uh, in a good way.

  • Wow..still havent played the 3rd this game gets crazier and crazier

  • Ima be a little sad if this is full price because it was supposed to be a dlc for SR3
  • it looks like they took enter the dominatrix and added a few pieces here and there.. making ETD the actual part IV in the series. also seems like a goodbye sendoff somewhat. but hey august is not that far away.. thanks for the info GI.. thank you very much

  • Looks... weird. I'll wait for a more substantial review before I speak my mind about this; Saints Row 2 & 3 are both on my favourite list simply because they are SO MUCH fun.

  • seems promising , guess we can find out in august

  • i bet this is going to cost $60.. i bet im going to spend $60 i bet im going to say goodbye to $60 I bet the saints are about to make $60 and dlc profit from me I bet im just going to buy it just cause i love the saints Saints Fan 4-life.
  • so soon? don't get me wrong I'm buying this for sure
  • I'll just wait for GTA5.
  • I will almost definitely get this, but I hope there's a little more depth than in SR3. That and the kinda half-assed plot could have been done a lot better. I love my chaos and humor, but with unsatisfying gameplay under it, it was far from perfect.
  • Saints Row 3 was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my time playing video games. I'm definitely not making that mistake again. This game looks stupid. The franchise has strayed so far from what it once was, I don't understand why it's still called Saints Row.
  • I am actually going to buy this and I know it. Can't say no to the saints.

  • Yes! I've been eagerly anticipating any news of it, and boy does it look amazing!

  • That looks insane. Hope it's good.

  • *** yes!

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