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Deep Silver Announces Sacred 3 For Summer 2014 On PC And Consoles

Deep Silver and Keen Games are bringing the hack-and-slash Sacred series to PC and consoles this summer. The title features five character classes with unique skills.

The title will feature offline cooperative play for two and online co-op for four players. The announcement and the tagline (Victory is Ours. Glory is Mine.) suggest that even within the cooperative framework there are reasons to compete with allies.

You can check out a new trailer for the game below. For more on the series, check out our review of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

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  • I am so glad they are finally releasing this game. I heard about the sacred games a couple of months ago and own sacred 1, 2 and citadel. Can't wait until 3 comes out. Also I see the seraphim, high elf, wood elf and shadow warrior are back.
  • I hope there are also True Lies inspired sequences in the game itself
  • Looks interesting.

  • Shovelware
  • Best part of the trailer is where the chained monster hauling the cart punches the flamethrower guy lol.

  • Man, I completely forgot about this franchise. But then, I've only played Sacred 2 for a couple hours one or two times.

  • 2 was fun and ever since I found the easter egg in 2 about them creating 3 I have wanted it and that was several yeahs ago when 2 came out and im glad they continued it

  • No thanks I played it and it was interesting for a while but it was no Diablo. Well... considering Diabo isn't Diablo anymore so this at least warrants a benefit of the doubt. But I am enjoying my latest foray into Path of Exile. PS: Was talking about the first 2 games. Wasn't even aware of a third.
  • I was wondering when this was going to release. I had a pretty good time with 2.

  • Looks interesting, but seeing as the other one was nothing particularly special, I'm going to wait and see what's said about this game.

  • Ever since Demons/Dark Souls I just can't get into games like this or Diablo anymore.

  • This looks like it might be a lot more action oriented than the second game was (probably a good thing). Unfortunately, the trailer said this is for last gen consoles and PC, so I likely won't be picking it up for console, and seeing as I don't play PC games enough to justify full price purchases, this will be a game I might pick up during a Steam sale somewhere down the line.

  • It's great they killed that monster and all, but I sure hope the whole game doesn't take place on that section of bridge they are all stuck on now.
  • I hope bosses drop special items this time. That always really bothered me about Sacred 2. You would fight a big huge boss and then nothing but normal junk pops out. You could get better gear from a peon if you were lucky.

  • Loved all the Sacred games and thought Fallen Angel was the best. However, I am really disappointed that this is not on the PS4! I will probably get it, but would have loved to see some next gen bliss for a game like this.

  • Mod
    I enjoy S2, so this is good news indeedy.
  • I hope they fix all the problems the first and second had. My main gripe was the stupid camera angle. It was way too far for my liking.

  • Awesome news. I did enjoy many hours playing Sacred 2.

  • I really hope it comes to the next gen systems.

  • I was so pumped when I saw this and watched the video and it ended and deflated me when I saw the 360 logo and ps3... I wanted this to be current gen so bad.... I need a dungeon crawler/loot fest on current gen, there are already lots of (mayne even better) options for last gen... Here hopes that D3 expansion hits Xone, if not that will be the PS4 seller for me!
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