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Sacred 3

Sacred 3 Screenshots Are Full Of Dead Monsters

Alongside a plethora of dead monsters, you will also see loot, fantasy landscapes, and at least two people holding axes menacingly.

Sacred 3 is currently being shown off at PAX 2012, and publisher Deep Silver released a handful of screens to make sure that all of us who aren't able to attend don't feel left out. Check them out below.

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  • this is the best thing I've heard. good lord if it's as big as number 2 I will die happy.
  • I haven't played a Sacred game before, are they worth checking out?
  • Is this an MMO? I have never heard of this series before.
  • Sweet! Been waiting for Sacred 3 forever. Will we get more Blind Guardian? They might have lost their instruments again!

  • Generic fantasy setting looks generic.
  • Yay! I had a lot of fun with Fallen Angel, but it had its flaws. Here's hoping 3 is better.

  • strave

  • Man, gotta play Sacred 2... it's been on my backlog

  • I really liked Sacred 1, but I was disappointed with Sacred 2 (terrible story and after a while combat was pretty boring), so hopefully they've learned from 2 and will make this one better, it already looks pretty.

    Funny story, when I traded in Sacred 2 the guy at gamestop straight up told me that it was the worst game he had ever played and said I was doing the right thing.

  • Xbox release?

  • Awesome news! Screen look wonderful. Sacred 2 was such a huge game and pretty fun.

  • So what kind of game is this exactly?