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Gain major experience, and getting mounts early.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Gain major experience, and getting mounts early.

If any of you play this game and want to learn how to level up fast Listen up. If you just starting out see if you can play with a friend who is a higher level and follow him in a different zone where you can gain major experience. Beware of helping him out though , you could die in one hit. If you have no friends to join with try finding someone online to help you do the same thing. Grabbing as many missions as you can will help. also if you don't skip fighting all the hordes of monster that will definitely give you major experience. If you want your major mount in the game it will cost some money but that isn't  hard to get, seeing is how everything drops major gold. if you look on your map and look all the way at the top where there are islands, you will find island of the mounts. This is where you can get your character mount.

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  • awwww man great, i just tradeed mines in like last week or 2.

    this is nice though.

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