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  • Blog Post: Ryse son of Rome Bit of a let down

    I purchased Ryse Son of Rome with high hopes. My first thoughts when I started playing the game is, "Wow! This game is gorgeous! The gameplay is so BA!" However, after a while i started getting bored of the same exact combat over and over again. You pretty much master the combat in the first... More
  • Blog Post: Ryse: Son of Rome - Shallow Spectacle

    Ryse: Son of Rome is an audio visual feast for the senses, boasting some glorious graphics, impressive motion capture acting, excellent voice work and authentic sound effects and music. It’s a damn shame about that gameplay though. From a cinematic point of view, Ryse feels like a big budget summer... More
  • Blog Post: Juanolo's Ryse: Son of Rome Review

    "A beautiful but weak experience While taking out a group of barbarians, the feeling of playing as this unstoppable warrior might feel remarkable. As time goes on, this Roman soldier reveals that he has some big flaws. While Ryse: Son of Rome is visually stunning, it lacks in gameplay and being... More
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