"A beautiful but weak experience


  While taking out a group of barbarians, the feeling of playing as this unstoppable warrior might feel remarkable. As time goes on, this Roman soldier reveals that he has some big flaws. While Ryse: Son of Rome is visually stunning, it lacks in gameplay and being fun.

 The game itself starts out in early Rome, and you play as Roman General Marius Titus. The game starts 10 years before where Ryse first begins. Marius witnessed his family getting killed by Barbarians. From there, he goes on a revenge mission to avenge his family's death. Along your dangerous path, you will make some powerful allies like Vitallian commander of the 14th legion, to powerful enemy such as the Roman government. As Marius travel this dangerous path, he'll realize there's traitors all around him.

 The story itself is just another revenge story, and it's quite short. Took me about 5 hours to complete. The story is descent, but it's nothing really special. You'll also see that throughout the game, you'll see/hear some popular cultural notes from other Roman material. From 300 to Spartacus to even Gladiator, this game does have a lot what those movies did but with Ryse's own twist to it. Most of the time. It does not work out the best.

 One thing Ryse has going for itself is that it's a gorgeous game. The environment and characters models are really realistic and beautiful. The lighting in the game is also quite stunning. From light bouncing off Marius to light bouncing off the environment, this is truly a beautiful game.

 The sound in the game is also very well done. Crytek has collected a fine amount of talented voice actors because the voice acting is superb. The score also gets you into the mood. Powerful and fits the tone everyone while you're in battle. 

 The gameplay was probably the worst part of the game. While playing Ryse, you'll gain xp when you fight in battle and perform executions properly. With the xp you earn, you can improve Marius. There's 4 area you can improve: Health, Focus, Gain, and combat. This will come helpful once you start getting through the main story. During the single player story, you can also collect collectible a in the game. Another thing for you to do once you complete the game. 

 The gameplay really consists of button smashing, and quick time events. When you approach a small battle with a few enemies, you of course start to attack. From there it's just hit the enemy many times till you bring them up to a executions. While executions aren't mandatory, getting the enemy up to that level isn't really that fun. Once you go in for the kill, it's just press the controls at the right time. You actually don't really need to press the controls. By pressing the correct buttons you earn more xp. With so many small battle like these and the big battles, the gameplay seems boring and annoying with the strong amount quick time executions. 

 The big battles are quite chaotic as you can imagine. Whenever you're preparing or are allready fighting in a big battle, you must control your army. It's not really that fun or useful. You'll choose your army to attack or defend something. No matter which option you choose, there's always a disadvantage. One side of a wall might be protected, while the other side has no defenses. These moments can be quite frustrating. Your fellow soldier can help you in battle. If you're in a battle and need a littl breathing room, call your archers and they'll kill some enemies around you. This option isn't available all the time, but is very helpful when you are in need of assistance.

 You think the gameplay sounds bad now, just wait till you get to spear throwing and  voice command. Spear throwing is absolutely horrible. In the game, you'll pick up the spears to throw. Then you just throw. You don't really aim. Just as long as the enemy is up and visual, you'll lock on and kill him with the spear. It sounds easy because it is easy, but with this can come frustrating when trying to aim at someone else.

 A while ago, Ryse was supposed to be a Kinect based game. As time went on, we found out there is no Kinect, but there is voice command. That is of course true because there is no Kinect. There is voice command. It isn't mandatory to use voice commands, but it's quite a pointless and useless addition to the game. All you can do is tell your soldiers when to fire arrows, when to block, and when to fire again. That's if they respond. There were a few times when the soldiers didn't respond to my command which was not delightful for my part. 

 Other than Ryse's single player, there is a co-operative multiplayer mode where you and a couple of friends team up to accomplish various challenges in a gladiator arena setting. While it really isn't necessarily to have this mode, it is a descent co-op experience where you should enjoy some. You'll probably enjoy it as much as you enjoy the single player. Fun at sometimes, but can be quite boring.

 A while ago, Ryse was supposed to be a beautiful masterpiece, but as the new generation of gaming has arrived, people can play Ryse and we've realized Ryse is just a beautiful disappointment. While absolutely gorgeous and beautiful score, the game lacks in gameplay and to much quick time events. Ryse: Son of Rome isn't the worst game ever, but with the hype the game had received before its release, I was quite disappointed with the final product. The game can be fun. Overall, Ryse: Son of Rome is a beautiful, but weak experience.


Final thoughts:

+Beautiful game

+ Sometimes pretty fun

-To many quick time events

-Meh stories

-Cheesy References

Juanolo's score: 6.75 out of 10