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Rome Is Burning In Ryse

This isn't Ezio's Rome. Crytek's take on the city's golden period is dark and bloody in this Kinect-based title.

Crytek showed the game off at the Microsoft press conference, and although it wasn't a live demo, it's cool to see someone make a hardcore Kinect game that is built around the peripheral and not just stuffing it into an existing game.

Take a look.

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  • This game could be really cool,... or it could be terrible not. It's way to early to tell if it looks good yet
  • I'm still not sure if I should hop the wall and get Kinect. This and Fable Journey look pretty amazing; what do you guys think I should do?
  • this looks awsome but i also think that it probobly too good to be true

  • I just hope it's not fully on rails. Still, on of the most impressive Kinect titles I have seen so far.
  • Crytek is making it so there is hope for it. However, I would love to see a non-kinect version of this game too. There is one thing I've always wondered though, how do you make your character move? Jog in place or something? OR is it on rails?
  • looks good. cant wait to see a live demo and see how it actually plays.

  • yeah but its for kinect.....
  • You guys don't seem to be as excited about the Star Wars kinect game...which I think looks cooler.

  • poor puppy...
  • I've been under the impression that Codename: Kingdoms was Microsoft's answer to God of War or something. This is pretty *** disappointing.

  • If that plays like it does in the video, it would be a reason for me to actually buy the kinect.

  • they always make it look like it works in these trailers! you know the move controller stuff! but in the end it doesn't!

  • This looks really good

  • That's gonna be the most exhausting game ever if the trailer is true

  • looks like its gonna be another one of those gimmicky games

  • lame

  • this could be a really amazing game, just drop in some RPG elemments to make it more deep and it will be good.

  • ....Gay
  • One of the few things at MS's Conference that got me excited. I have faith in all things Crytek but I'm wondering if this will actually finally push me to get a Kinect

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