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rygar the ps2 game: What the heck were they thinking?

I was at my local Game stop the other day. Low on  funds and wanting something to play. So what to do? I wandered around and found two games Rygar the legendary adventure and Sphinx and the cursed mummy both for four dollars and ninety five cents! Wow what a deal and good luck! Good luck because My old copy of Sphinx bit the dust and I really want to replay it.

However this is not a review of Sphinx, this is a review of Rygar. Here is a little back story on Rygar, Tecmo made a cool game in 1987 for the NES  It was about this dude called Rygar who made some gods mad, and went on a butt whooping spree. Sound familar? Well it would have been really great game if it had a freaking save system. Would it have killed Tecmo to put in a password?

I played this a lot.

Well the new Rygar has made a lot of improvements...sort of. The first improvement is the graphics duh.

This is the hero Rygar

The hero is a gladiator who is hellbent to save his princess Harmonia who strangely looks like Britney Spears.

Hit me baby, I mean help me baby.

She is kidnapped by some Titans and blah, blah, blah, our hero vows to save her and beat up all evil things.

The evil things such as silk worms,and crab men and what does our hero have as a weapon? A YO-YO with blades.

Rygar YO-YO master. watch as he beats up those evil crab men while walking the dog.

The game reminds me of the first game mainly because it's good, but it's not great. Why is it not great well the camera sucks. I mean the camera really sucks. It dang near ruins the game.  The diskarmor is cool but if they would have worked on the camera for like 10 more minutes , who knows maybe it would have been God of War. Now it's in the 3 dollar bin in Game stop.

Now it's on the WII so what to do? Well by now It's in the 5 dollar bin for the wii games so buy it and have a weekend of fun.

  • I'm curious now, might have to check this out.