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Rust Guide -100 hrs on Steam, a humble guide from a Rookie.


Rust Guide -100 hrs on Steam, a humble guide from a Rookie.

Rust, Surviving, Crafting and Building.

It simulates them pretty good, so lets go to the point.

At the very first the tie you are gonna be looking for the server you want to join, there are different servers, the very rust game servers and rented servers, there you will find to basic type of games: PvE and Pvp.

If you feel brave enough and think you can handle armed people against you go for the PvP, or if you want to have a more peaceful experience you can try the PvE wich is a good way to learn the basics and the deeps.

Our first step

At first you will notice all you carrie is a rock, a torch and a few bandages, so quickly go look for some wood stacks that are on the floor, if you pretend to take down a tree with your rock you'll die, get some wood and also gather some rocks ( there are boulders all around ), and craft a bow and some arrows, look for a deer or a wolf, wolf will chase you so practice hitting something else so you can kill the wolf and avoid bleeding, once you kill an animal, make a campfire it only needs 5 pieces of wood. cook the chicken you took out of the wolf/deer/bear you killed (yes chicken comes out of them haha). once you are set with food and a bow, next thing is to craft a hatchet ( requires wood and stones ), it will make woodcutting easier and faster, once you are set with that, you need a shelter, shelters needs around 50 or 60 wood units, you can easily take 60 wood units by taking a full wood stack from those on the floor, get the shelter put a campfire inside and craft a sleeping bag, that way if you die you wont have to randomly re-spawn and you will appear at the very sleeping bag, there is no plenty room into the shelter ( sized 1x1 ) to place all the things you need to move foward, but by now, you should be okay, and the basics are already in your mind, next step is building a house, wich requires plenty work if you are on your own.

For starting a house we need planks, wood planks, 10 wood units, make 1 plank, and a single 1x1 foundation requires 8 planks, so by that you can picture out ho hard will be to make a big, good and safe house to keep raiders away for a while.

so get wood enough to build a 1x1 house, on wich you can live while you get the other amount of planks needed, inside of the first little house you NEED to place a Workbench wich will make crafting maybe x3 faster also make afournace and a storage box. they should all fit into the house as a start,

We could tell that a fully  functional house should maybe be a 3x3 fundations as the floor area, then you need pillars to place the walls, make sure you place a doorway for the door ( craft a metal door since wood doors are pretty girly ), once you done with the 3 basic construction part, fill the roof with the wood ceiling, leave 1 ''roof'' without ceilin so you can place stairs to make a taller house, its better to hide the most important resources in the upper floors since raiders will need to spend their TNT on each metal door ( 4 TNT per metal door -to blow them,  and it takes a while just to craft 1 TNT if you are on your own ) 

Ok once you are done with your house, and taking mind you already crafted many things, you can adventure yourself into exploring the map, i have played the game maybe 100 hrs on Steam and i have come to learn the map mostly by using the sun as a guide, it works like in real life so, if you go to rustmap.net you will find the most accurate map for Rust, ut has images and many tool for firts timers.

The firs good thing to start looting real thing is to #1 go the big cities, there are maybe 2 or 3 real good looting areas or you would also wanna try killing the RED bears and wolfs, for good loot..

Thats basically a little and fast guide for Rust hope you enjoy it and it helps you.. thank you! God bless.