The Music-Platformer-Racing Rush Bros. Launches Today - Rush Bros. - PC -
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Rush Bros.

The Music-Platformer-Racing Rush Bros. Launches Today

Rush Bros., the Steam Greenlit Super Meat Boy inspired music-platformer-racer, is available now on Steam. You can check out the launch trailer for the game below, as well as our preview and interview with the game's creators here.

The game is discounted at laucnh to $8.99, or you can buy two copies of the game (and give one to a friend) for $14.99. You can head here to download the game.

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  • Anyone know what happened to the article about Microsoft not being able to register the domain because some British dude already did? I wanted to follow up on a few comments, but I don't see it anymore.

  • Mod
    That game looks wayyy too hard for me.
  • 0:27 super mario bros. 1-2

  • It's been looking pretty neat lately.

  • Considering i'm just after beating Super Meat Boy an hour ago i think i'll be steering clear of ultra hard 2D platformers for a while thanks.

  • There called the rush.bros because their always Russian! right guys?RIGHT GUYS?! (awkward silence)

  • Really creepy logo for Xyla.