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A shining beacon for 2013's downloadable games

It took me a while to decide how badly I wanted to drop the money on this game, and when I finally did I had to wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Between all the action games and big-budget releases thus far in the year here, comes Runner2 in a technicolor dreamcoat to remind me how much fun harsh platformer can be. I've never played any on the Bit Trip games so I can't say how this compares, but I can say as a standalone game, It's one I've whole-heartedly from level one. I wasn't expecting this game somewhat bizarre approach to the classic side-scrolling platformer to be this addictive, even when I'm re-trying the same level for the fiftieth time.

I also wasn't expecting such a meaty campaign for what I payed, the amount of levels is absolutely staggering with each one feeling amazingly distinct. the Mechanics take a bit of practice, but once you've got it down you can essentially act on instinct to power through some especially grueling moments. but if you stop for even a second to ponder what you just did, you can bet you're gonna do it again. And rest assured, the feeling that washes over you when you fall into rhythm with the level and react in sync with all the obstacles flying at you is nothing short of magical.

any fan of platform games owes it to themselves to pick this one up. whether you're looking for casual fun or a serious challenge, Runner2 delivers in spades while simultaneously winning you over with it's gorgeous visuals and unmistakable charm.


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