This is the game of my CHILDHOOD! Ever since I was a young lad, I started playing this awesome game back in 2005. This game has significantly impressed me and gave me something to do throughout my years as a gamer. Runescape 3 is an MMORPG that will blow you away; the graphics, the art, the imagination, the music, a true work of art. This game adds the real ideas and things from the reality of life, right onto your computer browser! Way to go to Jagex for making a game that allows us to do ANYTHING we want; go to a bar and drink as much beer as we want, take part in siege minigames, do some everyday activities, such as farming, cooking, and getting physical exercise, and you can even build a house! Aside from The Sims game series, what game allows you to BUILD A HOUSE and customize it to your own imagination? In Runescape, you can build a house to show off and get bragging rights over your friends. You can even play chess, sudoku, checkers, etc. the Runescape version of those board games. And best of all, you can customize your character ANYWAY YOU WANT! This game is awesome, and it WILL improve and get even more better. Play this game if you know how to actually HAVE FUN!