The Newest Entry In Jagex's Long-Running Franchise Goes Live - RuneScape 3 - PC -
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RuneScape 3

The Newest Entry In Jagex's Long-Running Franchise Goes Live

The third installment to Jagex’s free-to-play MMORPG series launched globally today. RuneScape 3 features 5 languages and is now available in 190 countries.

As reported earlier this month, Jagex has promised that RuneScape 3 will run with both Java and HTML 5. This shift to HTML 5 should equate to improved graphics and faster run speeds. 

Jagex reports that RuneScape now has over 220 million accounts created, averaging out to 39 new accounts per minute. 

Check out the launch trailer and some new RuneScape 3 screenshots below.

  • I need it to not be click-to-move and I'd consider trying it again after all these years.
  • Yay I really like that Runescape is starting to show on Gameinformer and can't wait to try out this new engine. But first, need to buy my membership. Game isn't fun without membership :D Ooh ooh ahah

  • Unfortunately the HTML 5 client still has many problems, (including crashes) but luckily the new improvements are available in the java client. I just can't wait until they stabilize the HTML 5 client. I've convinced a few of my friends to make new characters to play some more after years of absence.

  • I hate MMOs :|
  • I haven't played Runescape in forever.
  • Ahem. I think you mean 220 million accounts. There are more than 220 accounts in my ignore list.

  • ... what is runescape and why should I care? (seriously, I've only heard it mentioned)
  • Mod
    YESSSSSSSS! Add 'Gatesummoner', y'all!
  • The funny thing is that most of those accounts are no longer in use, or are used for gold farming and exploiting the game with macros. I used to be a P-Mod and would search for bots, but the game just fell apart and I don't play anymore. Honestly even with the huge graphical overhaul and new engine, my interest in this game is 0% which is sad because I spent 9 years in that game..
  • YAY I guess? I haven't played in ages, although it still bugs me so little of the game has been included for F2P players even after all these years. Yes, the original four realms serve as decent content but we could stand to get a LITTLE more. If they actually broadened the content and let me move with WASD, I'd probably give it another shot.
  • I haven't logged into Runescape in 5 years... still got plenty of good memories though.
  • I used to play Runescape when it was still a baby. It certainly has moved up in the world. It has been decade since I played it last.
  • Damn this game has come long way, I remember playing it on browsers back in high school in the earlish 2000s.

  • I played runscape when it first came out for 1 membership length. Never have since.

  • And my childhood is starting to come back. I am so tempted to start back up with Runescape.


  • 220 accounts doesn't seem like that many.....

  • 220 accounts with 39 per minute? So it's been running for less than 6 minutes...
  • This was one of my favorite games

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