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RuneScape 3

RuneScape 3 Announced

Developer/publisher Jagex has announced RuneScape 3 for this summer, and the company is promising a big leap for the free-to-play title.

RuneScape 3 is due out sometime this summer on PC, and Jagex is making use of a new HTML5 engine for better performance. The title also features updated graphics, audio, and overall design (including a customizable interface); among other improvements.

In this developer diary video, you can hear the team talk about some of the changes in store, including plans to have players' decisions make a big impact on the overall game world.

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  • The art direction is similar to Torchlight 2's.
  • There's a Runescape 2?
  • There was Runescape 2?
  • I always thought that Runescape 2 was a myth.
  • I'll probably check this out when it releases. I can only hope that it remains to be free. I don't see myself going back to Runescape though, because I have already spent more than enough wasted time on the game.
  • I didn't even know there was a RuneScape 2. My dad still plays it on occasion just because he doesn't want to get into WoW, which I understand, and I used to play it until I played WoW and realized how much better it is that I can directly control my character. I'll have to give RS3 a shot, just for old-time sake.
  • I used to see people playing Runescape at the library all the time.
  • Honestly, this is the only MMO I have ever played.  I am too cheap and time restricted to pay for a subscription and to invest time, so I enjoyed playing this for free.  Maybe I should see if I could log into my old account.  I could imagine someone hacked into it and stole all my good, lol.

  • Good game but it's dying.
  • As long as it plays like Runescape I won't be playing it. Not my cup of tea gameplay wise.

  • Interesting...

  • 12 year olds rejoice! Or else I'll report you for real world item trading.
  • Very cool! I had fun with the first Runescape, but didn't really play the second one. It seems like it could be fun though.
  • This isn't a new game jagex is developing, just a engine update. It'll basically be same old runescape, just running a different code.
  • People actually play runescape still? Who knew?
  • Was never a big fan of RuneScape. I had quite a few friends playing it because it was free, so I gave it a shot, and found nearly no enjoyment in it.

  • I honestly wish that they'd upgrade the already great, quirky universe to something like Unity. Runescape's got a rich and very self-aware fantasy/sci-fi setting, you could make a lot within its universe. I'd love to see them make something to spin-off from the main title.

    Anything besides a DOTA/MOBA, at least. They've already got PvP options in the main game. And we don't need more DOTA/MOBA games.

  • Runescape? Never heard of it before.
  • They better be bringing more content for Free-to-Play, or this will be annoying.
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