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Routine Is First-Person Sci-fi Horror On The Moon

The indie scene has become a breeding ground for promising first-person horror games. Amnesia: The Dark Descent has an upcoming sequel, Among The Sleep places players in the role of a toddler, and Outlast takes place in a demented asylum. Judging by the gameplay trailer for Lunar Software's sci-fi thriller, Routine, horror fans have another game to keep on their radar.

Routine takes place in a deserted facility on the moon. Lunar Software is crafting an '80s vision of the future, complete with floppy disks and interactions with archaic computer programs. In the trailer, a disembodied voice advertises syrupy space snacks in a monotonous, low timbre. The protagonist also uses what appears to be a stun gun, complete with a night-vision screen with a low refresh rate. This gun appears to function similar to a video camera's IR mode, but with an image delay that could lead to some creepy surprises. Flashes of a stalking robot enemy can also be seen in the trailer. The mood and isolation reminds us of movies like Alien, Moon, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, all worlds any sci-fi fan would be eager to explore.

Routine is being developed by a very small team of dedicated developers who hope to have the game out on Steam sometime this year. For more information, check out Lunar Software's insightful Q&A videos on the studio's website.

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  • This looks amazing, I hope it turns out good.

  • Mod
    Reminds me a lot of System Shock 2, especially with that robot. Hopefully it doesn't rely on jump scares like those sudden jump cuts. Supposedly, this game will be non-linear with permadeath, and the environments will be randomized to some extent. It kinda sounds like a roguelike to me.
  • Cool! I'll have to keep this on my radar.

  • This looks fun. A new horror game is always welcome in my library of games. I like the title, too.

    Only recently have I rewatched the Space Odyssey movies so I'm totally down for this.

  • Can anyone tell me why all the horror games are on PC? Us poor console owners want some love too!
  • Apparently Routine will have perma-death (if you die you have to redo all your progress) and procedurally generated map layouts similar to Zombie Studios' Daylight; both good signs for the more hardcore survival-horror crowd I'd imagine.
  • reminds me of echno night beyond.
  • THAT. WAS. AWESOME. I am definitely going to try this out when it releases-the environments also reminded me of Dead Space 3 a bit, with the parts on the delerict ships. Still, that looks beautifully designed.

  • No Xbox One or PS4 love?

  • I'm very intrigued. I like the atmosphere!

  • this looks so cool. Ive always thought a game that could capture the same mood as 2001 a space odyssey would be so great for a survival horror game so if this turns out that way im all for it.

  • This looks incredible. I'll definitely buy this when it releases.
  • wow that looks amazing that's going to be scary as hell

  • Good thing i built a PC this year. I see it has oculus support i dont know but the more games i see compatible with the VR headset the more i cant wait to get my hands on a pair of my own to play this game.

  • Reminded me of Half Life a lil bit. Can't wait to play this!
  • GI video player is the worst in history of the internet. and god damn that turtle beach ad!.....woosahh
  • Mod

    Man this looks sweet. Hopefully I can get my hands on a desktop this year so I can play it.

  • I have been waiting for this game since it was first greenlit. Do want. Do want now.

  • This looks really neat. More subtle and intriguing than the Far Cry 3 DLC.
  • Looks great so far, hope Lunar Software take there time and craft a classic.  

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