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Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014 Trailer Demonstrates Jamming With AI Rockers

As the singularity approaches, artificial intelligence has learned how to replicate one of humanity's most cherished skills: the ability to rock. Watch the proof in this new Rocksmith 2014 trailer.

As you'll see in this trailer for Rocksmith's Session Mode, the game allows you to plug in your guitar and have a jam session with up to three virtual musicians, who will adapt their drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards to the tempo, key, scale, and intensity of your shredding. While all the songs do sound a bit generic, it's impressive nonetheless.

  • Rocksmith is one of the most impressive things to come out of the gaming industry.

    I've played guitar for close to 7 years and when I got the first Rocksmith, I thought it was going to be simple like Rockband or Guitar Hero, but it was actually pretty incredible to be honest. Definitely a feat of software and hardware engineering.
  • Sweet!

  • I really should get this. I bought the Fender Squier guitar for Rockband 3 hoping that it would teach me how to play guitar, but it didn't.
  • Get the hell out of here. And I mean that in the best way. The Elaine way. This looks to be one of the best practice tools for improvising I've seen.

  • This game looks incredible. Such a massive step up from Rocksmith.

  • Now this will be interesting to see if this game will be relevant like Rock Band & Guitar Hero. And will it bring a lot of new ideas to the mish games to make it a powerhouse like the 2 previous titles were. PS4 day 1 shipping  I'm out

  • Pre-ordered and paid in full! I still use the first one!