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Rocketbirds Revolution!

Roosters Reign Supreme

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Rocketbirds: Revolution! is a serious game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In this side-scrolling adventure you take control of HardBoiled Chicken, the “original *** of War.” HardBoiled has taken it upon himself to spearhead a rebellion against the game’s antagonists – draconian penguin oppressors. In an attempt to weaken their iron-fisted grip over Albatropolis, HardBoiled will run and gun his way to victory, pausing only to solve puzzles and engage in witty banter with his foes.

Beautiful 2D environments and stylish cutscenes are complimented by comedic voice-acting and upbeat music, making each scripted respite a treat.

The simple keyboard controls provide a surprising level of interaction with the environment, allowing HardBoiled to dash and roll his way to safety, collect and use objects, solve puzzles, and take advantage of an arsenal of unique weapons. The shotgun in particular is helpful against a bottleneck of foes. Health and ammo are refreshed through limited pickups, forcing the player to think tactically.

Full of humor and intrigue, the browser-based game is lengthy, allowing you to sign in and continue HardBoiled’s adventure from any computer at any time. Ratloop had a vision – albeit an odd one – and stayed true to it all the way through Rocketbirds: Revolution!  HardBoiled proves that in the world of avian baddies, roosters reign supreme.

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Platform:  Web Browser Release: Available Now Price: $9.95 Website: Link

  • The sole reason I wouldn't immediately erase this game from my memory is due to a little iPhone app called Angry Birds. I didn't expect to like that and now I can't put it down, so I'll give anything with heroic poultry in it a chance.

  • They seem to be making some very interesting games. I am interested to see how this whole thing plays out.

  • This looks like it has the potential to be hilarious, still some gameplay footage wouldve been nice (rather then screens).

  • this looks absurd. and fun haha

  • I wana be a robot, made of chrome    lol

  • this looks like a good game. might get it

  • video?  Where's the gameplay vid?

  • the demo from the site link provided was fun enough, suggest checking it out before you pass judgement

  • I want to play this hehe.

  • The demo for this was rather fun.  The personalities of the characters elevate this game above the standard.

  • looks funny and a little cartoonish. whats the ESRB?

  • I'll just have to wait and see.

  • This looks like fun.  Any chance that it'll be released on PSN?

  • The song in the background is great, anyone know what it's called?

  • Odd. I'm quite sure I have the latest version of Flash, yet I get an error screen when I try to play the demo.

    But it does look like a very promising title. You know what it reminds me of? The parody movie at the end of the Disney movie Chicken Little. Except grittier and with penguins.

  • looks comically fun