First off, I realize this is a late review, but I want to review this game. I think by far this is the best Rock Band to date. With pro mode and adding the keyboard, it makes everything better. Customization of characters is only slightly better, and I wish that you had the same custom settings that guitar hero has for it's games. Either way, that is a very minor complaint, and will not hinder your fun with the game.

Next visuals...the game looks very good. They did a big graphical overhaul from it's predecessors. Playing this game in full 1080p is great, with all the colors and lighting effects.

Another complaint is the fact that it is so hard to calibrate your game on a HD tv. I don't know why, I ended up going back to my standard tv to play this game because it wouldn't calibrate to my setup. Also for people who say Rock Band 2 is better cause of songs, easy, just import your songs from 2 into 3...problem solved.

Everything is improved, note pickup is more precise, a better training mode, and the drop in drop out is nice. As well as being able to change difficulties within a song. GI gave this a 9.25, they also gave Rock Band 2 a 9.25, but 3 is better, so why not a better score?

All in all, if you love music games you should pick it up. The game is only $20 now, so why not?