I bought Rock band 3 for my family because they love music games. I have rock band 2 and I can tell you that I was surprised and letdown with the third installment  of  the music game giant.

First the good. Hooray on the pro stuff and keyboards. That stuff is awesome. It has already helped my middle daughter on her piano lessons. She is improving by leaps and bounds. Also the character builder has improved some what. But the tattoo maker has gotten worse. Maybe harmonix did that on purpose due to pressure from some family group activists? Either way you can't place tattoo's where you want them.

The game play, I hate to say this but is a lot easier than Guitar hero series. Guitar hero moves at a much faster rate.  I had one of my Guitar controllers go bad (read my post about that-shameless plug.) and as luck would have it the local Burkes outlet store had a sell on Guitar hero 3 for the PS3 controller and game both brand new for $15.00! At Wal-mart the same thing was $60.00 so that was a great deal. I played Guitar hero 3 as a warm-up for Rock band 3 and I stunk on Guitar hero at easy but I played Rock band3 on medium. I even did pretty good at hard. So that should tell you something there.

The music they added is great as always. They have some of my favorite songs on here such as Chicago "25 or 6 to 4"    and  B.B King "the thrill is gone" plus several more. I have no problem with the music but they could have more Journey.

The score system sucks.  I liked the money scoring system to buy clothes and other stuff,well they got rid of it.

Well you are gonna buy it no matter what. So my opinion doesn't matter much on that. I like the game but not as much as 2 but it is fun. so a 7 out of 10 is fair.