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Road Not Taken

Triple Town Studio Takes On Life And Loss

Spry Fox, the studio behind the game Triple Town have announced their next game. Road Not Taken tackles weighty themes under guise of a roguelike puzzle game.

The title is a reference to Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken." The game's designer says the game explores the expectations that a person faces throughout their lives and the repercussions that occur when alternate paths are chosen. The game is designed to be played repeatedly, and Spry Fox says that in doing so players will begin to understand the larger themes at play. It doesn't take that degree of effort to see that the game is beautifully rendered.

Spry Fox says more details on the game will be coming over the next few weeks. If you haven't yet played Spry Fox's game Triple Town, check it out on iOS or Android. You'll soon understand why the mere presence of those bears makes our eyes twitch.

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  • the dude with the scepter looks like a short, warped version of Journey's main character.
  • Cool!
  • Mod
    That video made me wet my shorts. The music made me wet my eye-sockets. Any game that causes that kind of supreme moisture should come with an umbrella.
  • I like the look of it. Maye have to check this out along with Triple Town.

  • this looks beautiful. i will play it for sure when it is released.

  • This is genuinely intriguing.

  • Mod

    This looks really cool! I really liked Triple Town so I will definitely have to check this out!

  • When will these guys put games on platforms I care about?

  • This definitely sounds like my sort of thing. I'm looking forward to it immensely now.

  • Triple Town is an addicting and fun game. Sure, those bears look  cute, that is until they start dressing like ninjas. Can't hardly wait for this awesome looking follow up.

  • I really liked the trailer for this game I really hope this is an android game worth buying, especially since I love the poem that the title is based on.

  • Seriously, like one of the 3 things I remember from high school freshman English, other than watching Leo as Romeo and how bad A Tale of Two Cities sucked, was this awesome poem!!!

  • It's good that they are taking inspiration from art, just not sure if the actual product will remotely approach being art itself.

  • Huh...that was a lot more emotional then I thought it would be.