Risen 3: Titan Lords is a game I did not expect to be released. The first game found a niche audience, and an even smaller niche audience was able to overlook the flaws of Risen 2 (myself included), but I was pleasantly surprised there were enough sales to justify a third game. Risen 3 begins with the new protagonist having his soul torn from his physical body and dragged back into the Underworld. From then on, the story continues to be interesting, if not groundbreaking. He then proceeds to go on an island-hopping adventure in search of help. Three factions are joinable--the Demon Hunters, the Guardians, and the Voodoo Pirates--each with their own selection of spells and abilities. A few familiar crew members will once again join your crew, some other familiar faces are scattered across the world, and just about everyone noteworthy that died in the previous two games shows up again in the Underworld. Combat is fixed. While not perfect, a dodge move is now available, which makes melee a viable option for combat. Various spells, which don't occupy a weapons slot, can be used to diversify your strategy. In addition, muskets and shotguns make a return, and various smaller weapons are available for your off-hand. There are even a few instances of ship combat against sea monsters, which are quite enjoyable and a highlight of the game, though they are very limited. All in all, Risen 3: Titan Lords is probably only going to please those who already like Risen. While this game won't change any minds, it is a must-have for longtime fans.