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Diablo II: Reaper of Souls - World Ultimate Evil See

A new apprentice mode is the most meaningful addition, pulling the stats of low-level players up to a competitive tier with their buddies, and then making the monster fights appropriately challenging for the newly powered group. Apprentice mode eliminates the frustration of players out-leveling each other, and lets the apprentice fly through those lower tiers of play. 

Drop rates (especially for coveted legendary items) are notably elevated, and most pick-ups are targeted to the needs of your class. In addition, a clever gifting system adds a satisfying new social wrinkle; upon acquiring a piece of legendary gear, you sometimes also acquire a gift item targeted to someone on your friends list. You can send it through the in-game mail as a pleasant surprise that benefits the whole group the next time you play. 

As you wander, the controller may shake as a nemesis approaches. This towering evil has already killed one of your fellows, and has powered up before hopping across friends lists to arrive in your game. If he kills you, the beast heads off to torment another of your buddies. Kill him, and everyone involved in the fight gets commensurate rewards. The nemesis system is another indication of Blizzard’s commitment to social engagement, and adds a small but meaningful twist to gameplay.


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