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Risen 3: Titan Lords

Piranha Bytes Walks You Through The Sinister Land

Piranha Bytes is showing the world that its action RPG, Risen 3: Titan Lords, is going back to what made classic games in the genre successful. Below, you can watch the newly released gameplay walkthrough in which the locales, combat system, and more are shown in detail.

Risen 3 promises to bring hundreds of unique quests, scores of abilities, and seeks to create a world that feels more alive than the previous entries. To learn more, read our preview on Risen 3's Guardians and Demon Hunters factions.

You can find Risen 3: Titan Lords on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on August 15.

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  • Being a last gen title will show that this will get less attention than it might deserve, especially since it doesn't have an established fan-base like the Souls series. I'm not interested enough in this game to offer the price it is asking for, but I'll keep my eye on it if it promises a lot of nostalgic RPG roots.
  • Woo!! I'm pumped for this game (:

  • ...Why can't the video's speaker pronounce the developer's name correctly. I was not aware of it being pronounced differently by anyone British before now.
  • Looks like it could be pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how it does.

  • Am I hallucinating or does that look like Witcher 1 revamped? I really don't need any more games on my list dammit. But I am a sucker for deep rpg... Anyone know if this game is continuing the plot from the previous installment? Also how good is Risen1? I hear 2 is *** but how bad is it?
  • This could seriously scratch an itch if it turns out good!

  • It looks really clunky both in combat and exploration. Graphics are sub par (on last gen's standards), so meh.

  • I hope this is good!