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Bad bad bad game.....

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  • The constant use of 4 letter swears aren't the issue. Kind of exciting to have a game that cusses more than I do. The issue is the game play, sound effects, and the fact that you can't read a single stinking word on a 40 inch tv screen. No, you need a much bigger screen, which will cost you a lot of money for such a bad game. If the game was decent, I may consider getting a bigger screen myself, but it's all-around a bad played out game. Even the story line lacks imagination. Do yourself a favor and go out and buy something more interesting instead of spending your hard earned money on this waste of space. And it was so hard for me to write this without the use of cuss words too, cause the game is that bad and I feel robbed!
  • I seem to be the only person who found the entire premise a lie. Supposedly a "pirate" RPG, how can the game be totally devoid of any naval/maritime activities!?! I mean, you can't even swim. The world map looks like it's 75% water, I spent the first few hours becoming a member of a pirate crew and virtually every piece of promotional art I've seen features ships and I don't get even something as simple as a "Pirates! GOLD" style ship combat mini-game?!? And in a interview I read, the developer said they make RPGs, not naval combat games, so they were sticking to what they do best. Seriously!? To me, without naval combat, no game, movie, book, etc can claim to be "pirate". I was so excited when I got home with it on release day. After playing for 7 hours with no maritime activities what-so-ever, I found the mentioned dev interview. I got up early the next morning to trade it in for a copy of Dragon's Dogma...a MUCH better action/rpg.

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