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Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2 Out On PC Tomorrow, Enjoy A New Trailer

Console owners won't be able to take to the high seas in Risen 2 until July 31, but PC players can start doing pirate-y stuff tomorrow. Why not get in the mood with this here launch trailer?

Risen 2 is a fantasy RPG from Piranha Bytes, the creators of the Gothic series. You play the game as a one-eyed, unnamed pirate, taking on all sorts of sea monsters and scallywags. Some abysmal combat sinks Adam's review score a bit, but it sounds like there are still some interesting elements in the game. Here's the trailer.

Still not sold? Did we mention this game has Krakens?

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  • A pirate RPG? It's been too long since I've played one.

    Hell, that guy looks like a Western version of Vyse with the blue coat and eyepatch.
  • I think I'll rent this just for the pirates alone. I always was intrigued by life in the high seas, mateys. Arrr.
  • First was horrid. And from the review I just read, so is this one. Really not surprised, but I do want to play because it's pirates. I'll wait, in six months it will be 20 bucks.
  • I am gonna have to rent this,but who knows maybe it'll be better  than expected,Pirate RPG sounds fun.

  • It is going to be amazing. Risen 1 was spectacular, it was what Gothic 3 and 4 should have been.

  • *sigh* we need a new fable....a good one

  • The trailer makes the game look decent, but I am going to pass on this one.

  • How Do You Expect Us To Play And Or Get Excited For The Game With That Review? I Will Rent It When It Comes For Console, I'm Glad I Didn't Get It On Amazon Yet...... Could Combat Be Better On The Console?
  • I might rent it..

  • After hearing the negativity surrounding this game, I'll just wait for now. I have a friend who is getting it, so I'll see his opinion. I would also like to play the first one before I play this one.
  • If this got a 6 compared to an 8.5 for the original (PC version, the xbox port was bad). Then I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass on it. Maybe when it's like 20 bucks on a steam sale

    I really like the first game, it's a shame the 2nd is getting all around bad reviews. Never good to see a developer take a huge step backwards
  • I loved the first one, definitively gonna check this out on PC when it lowers in price some.

    I've yet to play an RPG by Piranha Bytes that I have not enjoyed a lot.
  • Well, I'm a console player and after reading the PC review, it sounds like it doesn't play well. But, still. It's a Pirate RPG. I'll wait like a year after the console release and pick it up then.

  • The first one wasn't to special and after Adam's review I'll think Ill pass on this.

  • i might just buy this because of it being a pirate game....that being said, i can't waste the money on a game i have no really good idea of.

  • You have the wrong release date for the consoles the pushed it back to July 31.

  • I'm assuming that the bad review is based solely on the PC version of the game, since the console release date got pushed back to July 31st. I'm hoping that they are using that time to work out some of the kinks between now and then since I think that this game has a lot of potential. Although, that would be pretty crappy of them to release a PC version of the game without devoting the same amount of effort to make it the best experience possible...

    Or maybe we'll just never get an open world pirate RPG that lives up to the concept's true potential until Rockstar decides to make one...

  • i really wanted an awesome pirate game... sigh....

  • And again we have Day One DLC! How long before companies start to release the game engine with no content and then charge us to download the content so we can actually play anything?

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