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Rise of the Triad

Old-School Action, New-School Giblets

Before there was cover, there was running as fast as possible. I had nearly forgotten what life was like before "camping" was a thing people wanted to do. Thankfully, the latest trailer for Rise of the Triad out of Interceptor Entertainment has brought those good memories flooding back.

In the two videos below, you'll get to see a number of the maps in action. More importantly, the footage offers a great look at the creative weapons players will get to wield. 

If you'd like to see the maps without a thick coat of blood and guts, the second video offers fly-throughs of the multiplayer maps. Finally, you might be interested to check out the cast of characters that will be playable in the title's competitive modes.

Rise of the Triad is set to arrive on PC "very soon."


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  • wow, it's been like 2 years since i last heard about this game. looks great

  • Nice, I didn't know this was coming back! Hope this is the start of a 90's PC Shooter comeback. I really want to see Blood make a revival.
  • It would appear that every weapon except the pistols and bat explode... this actually looks like a ton of fun

  • Seems like an arcade Call of Dooty to me...
  • Who needs BF4 when we've got games like this coming out?

  • I'm interested. Truth be told, I never dedicated any quality time to the original; a couple of friends loved it, so I gave it a try once or twice, I remember I enjoyed it, but never bought it.

    This is my second chance, I guess.

  • Well that's somthing different.

  • This looks pretty good. Also, Space Jam song. Instant purchase.

  • Who knew there were that many ways to shoot a rocket? I imagine Interceptor is one of the funner places to work

  • omg I love the old RotT. It is a fond memory staying up later than I should blowing up fools with drunk missiles. This is a day one buy for me even if it is the worst game ever made. I am paying for nostalgia lol

    WAAAH, just watched the video!! Bowls of priest porridge! and that /johnwoo reload animation!
  • I seem to be the only one who prefers cover to endless strafing.
  • YES! This is the good ole' fashioned shooter gameplay that I love. "Before there was cover, there was running as fast as possible. I had nearly forgotten what life was like before "camping" was a thing people wanted to do." Mike, I couldn't agree more with that sentiment. It seems as though video games (by that, I mean "many shooters") have more or less become homogeneous over the years. It's kind of sad, really. I see two weapon swap out systems too much, and not enough of carrying a whole arsenal with you (which is one of the things people loved about Bioshock, Duke Nukem, Doom, and Half-Life). I see a lot of games that lack a health bar, and instead plaster the screen with red on the sides and corners of the screen, impairing your vision somewhat, and with no health meters, comes another atrocity- regenerating health. I've never liked that concept- it's so... patronizingly easy. If you get hurt, go to a corner and wait till you feel better. How ridiculous. Anyway, sorry to go off on a tirade like that! I just think this game looks like it hearkens back to the old days of shooters.
  • The good ole' days. I'd play this if I had a better PC.

  • This looks like pure nostalgic mayhem.

  • Everything but the pistol and that dinky assault rifle shoots rockets. It's amazing!

  • "Pre-release gameplay-nothing is final- blah blah blah" xD hahahajajaa. I laughed when I saw that.  by the way.. I love these kind of games..good ol' shooters =)

  • I love the music, gave both videos a decent watch, but, it looks a bit uninspiring, like, what reasons are there which doesn't make this game Unreal Tournament, but worse?

  • Haha YES!! Give me NOW!!

  • Anyone remember the .RTS files on this one? "Behind YA, Behind YA!"