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What Does Atlus Have In Common With Ryan Reynolds?

Atlus, publisher of games like Demon's Souls and Etrian Odyssey, is working with developer Old School Games to make a video game tie-in for an upcoming supernatural buddy cop movie.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, R.I.P.D. (that's "Rest in Peace Department") hits theaters on July 19. The accompanying video game releases this summer as well. 

We have a few screens, but Atlus hasn't shared many details regarding the game itself. If the film trailer below is any indicator, you can probably count on the game featuring a co-op mode.

R.I.P.D. is coming to Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network.

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  • Honestly... who do they think they're fooling? Instead of R.I.P.D. they probably should have just called it "Totally Not Just Men In Black With Different Actors".
  • Aaaaaaw. Cute! I might get it just as a *** you to the world.

  • Looks quirky and fun, i love it

  • movie tie in.. This game is going to be AMAZING. ;)
  • Jeff Bridges facial hair makes it worth watching but I don't think it would entice me to buy the game.

  • I wonder why Atlus of all Developers would be doing this. It makes no sense.

  • this game is gonna blow chunks

  • Movie tie-in game? Yeah I think I'll wait for the reviews.

  • Ok, this is based off of a comic book that is nearly a decade old. Sure, it is similar to MiB, but this is not just an act of theft on part of the movie producers. Plus, it would be much more relevant as a "ripoff" years ago when the other films came out. It is actually an odd choice to make as a film in today's market.
  • Atlus... guys... WHEN'S PERSOHNA ATLUS
  • Looks awful, no thanks.. They should have just concentrated on the game instead of making a movie..
  • Atlus.. what are you doing? Are you feeling alright? I guess if you're tight on cash, you'd do this, but really... things like Demon's Souls and Persona are more your style... not movie tie-ins.

  • Well...this was...unexpected.
  • Can't wait. I'm super excited.

  • Not complaining or anything but, Heaven guns? Why do we have these things?
  • Wait.. What the heck IS this?!

  • Who is Old School Games? *hits google, types in "Old School Games, developer*

    Oh. Uh... uuuuuuuuggghhhh.

  • i can already see fights over who gets to be Jeff bridges