Cinematic Trailer: Axes, Goggles, Birds On Fire - Rift - PC -
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Cinematic Trailer: Axes, Goggles, Birds On Fire

The official trailer for upcoming fantasy MMORPG Rift is exactly what you'd expect: high-flying melee combat with a splash of the supernatural threats that players will be facing.

Say what you will about the voices and the dialogue, but you have to admit that they're leagues better than anything in Cataclysm except for that game's trailer itself.

Rift launches March 1. Learn more about what it has to offer, headlined by its dynamic content system, here.

  • I like its "Lord of the Ring" presence.
    I'll give Rift a try!
  • That crow is over powered.

  • Ooooh, a cheap shot at might be stirring the legions against you, Adam.

  • That looks great..

  • looks interesting, but between dc universe and old republic, think im all full of mmos

  • Looks pretty interesting.

  • ha nice

  • I can tell you one thing, its not TOR so whatever.

  • Surprisingly, I am enjoying the Beta. I haven't played a MMORPG in years, but that might change with Rift.

  • Interesting but I'll still wait for The Old Republic.

  • I just played in the last (current) beta event - the 5th one. It has WoW-like character development but with more complexity/choice (read: much harder to balance for pvp), Aion-like lore, and the look and feel of the game are very much like Warhammer Online.

    From what I've seen, this will likely be the most complete MMO to ever launch. However, the game plays incredibly generically, I don't know what end game content looks like (if it exists), and I highly doubt they will ever be able to balance pvp adequately. I was trying out their version of battlegrounds and switched souls (basically subspecs) from a ranged DPS to a healer to a different ranged DPS. With the first two I was consistently topping the damage and healing meters respectively (and damage taken meters). With the third I got completely stomped.

    To sum it up: the pve is very boring and the pvp will perpetually be horribly unbalanced.

  • That was confusing. I didn't like some of the character graphics, but ill be giving this game a try.

  • This game looks beyond cool. Too bad its an MMO, or I'd give it a shot.