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Ridge Racer Driftopia

Ridge Racer Driftopia Races Into A Closed Beta

Stop spinning in circles and help refine the balancing of Namco-Bandai's upcoming racer by signing up for Ridge Racer Driftopia's closed beta.

Ridge Racer has always focused on arcady racing and extreme drifting, and Namco-Bandai's first free-to-play racing game doesn't look to change any of that. Developed by Bugbear Entertainment (Ridge Racer Unbounded) Driftopia looks to focus on high octane experiences with all the driving, drifting, and destruction essentials. Players will be able to challenge their friends to shave seconds off each other’s lap times as they tear up the digital streets looking for shortcuts.

The game comes out later this year, but players who sign up to offer their feedback on Ridge Racers official site, can register to receive a beta key granting them access to Driftopia’s closed beta, witch start today on Steam. Check out the games announcement trailer below.

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  • Looks great, might download it on my PS3 and try it out.

  • This is pretty sweet!!!

  • I rather play Need For Speed 3 :|
  • I loved R4, but the newer games haven't really excited me as much. They are good, sure, but not my thing.

  • i want in on the beta...
  • Anyone else notice he spelt "which" wrong in the last paragraph?
  • I remember playing Ridge Racer (2?) on the PS1 and being amazed. It was one of the first games Id ever played and sparked my love of racing games. I dont remember it being arcady though. It wasnt a sim by any means but it had a very strong emphasis on corner control and such. But then again that was like 15 years ago? So I could be wrong. Still loved the game.

  • I have rather fond memories of older Ridge Racer titles, too. This looks like a Burnout game from 5+ years ago though. Maybe the free-to-play aspect is enough of a bonus for some people. For me it isn't.

  • Whoa Ben - typo alert.

    "... register to receive a beta key granting them access to Driftopia’s closed beta, WITCH (emphasis added) start today on Steam."

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded was actually really, really cool. More along the lines of Burnout, Full Auto and Split/Second than Ridge Racer, but when every numbered RR starts to feel the same, a little variety was needed.

    The drifting just sucked though. Ridge Racer's drifting is insanely unrealistic, but Unbounded's was the same, completely unfun, still-beholden-to-realistic-physics garbage you see in all "arcade" racers that have come out after Burnout Revenge (except for Trackmania. Trackmania still gets it). Just because it's not AS HARDCORE of a driving model as something like Forza or Gran Tourismo doesn't make it "arcadey". I mean, if you have to slow down to take turns ever, you're not making an arcadey racer. So I'm hoping Bugbear adjusted the driving model for Driftopia so that it's way more unrealistic and fun, like a Ridge Racer game should be. That's all I want.

    Well, okay. I got one more thing I want to see. Trade in some of the dirt, grime and grittiness for Ridge Racer's signature pristine beaches and futuristic buildings, please. But that's it! Really, Unbounded's gameplay was great and intense... I just want the whole package to be pushed more in the direction of what Ridge Racer is supposed to deliver. What makes RR unique versus... well, games like Burnout, Full Auto and Split/Second.

    I wonder why this beta isn't on PSN though? If Square can (supposedly, as I never got an invite) do a beta for FFXIV on PS3, Namco & Bugbear should be able to as well.
  • I'm sorry, but I've played almost every racing game released for the PS3, thank God I was using GameFly when I rented RR:Unbounded, because that lasted 30 minutes and I had it sent back.

    Blur and Split/Second harnessed the Arcade feel of racers far more than RR:U did, just too bad they both released so close to one another (and Red Dead Redemption/Modnation Racers) to gain an audience.  Split/Second outsold Blur by about 300,000 units, but now both will never see the light of day again with Bizarre Creations/Black Rock both being out of business.

    Like one person said:  If you have to SLOW DOWN to properly drift around a turn, it's not an arcade racer.

  • This is cool