So much like most of the Game Informer community, I witnessed this game being played in it's entirety on a Twitch TV stream, and might I just point out one thing: This game is bad.

Now although it is bad, it is worth mentioning that the game is probably one of the funniest bad games I have seen in quite a while, and a game that is worthy of having a connection to the popular "Son's of Anarchy" series.

Throughout the game, you will be doing one of the following:

1. Riding your bike in a well crafted highway sequence,

2. Engaging in fisticuffs in a graveyard,

3. Trying to survive almost endless waves of projectile dynamite,

4. Engaging in coitus with one of the many woman you cross paths with

5. Listening to a single audio track that seems persistent in making itself known throughout your gaming sessions.

Even on the games easiest difficulty setting, the game appears relentless in it's punishment. It is almost as though nobody from a supposed QA team played the game to see how it rolled out. To be understood to an extent, since the game was originally cancelled and developed through another studio, which then closed down before the game saw it's release. But that just sounds like a good number of reasons to not release the game at all.

But for those that wish to give the game a try, I would suggest throwing down money for 'available at launch' DLC pack, Cook's Mad Recipe. It will just complete the experience for you.