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The greatest game you will ever play!

Never before have I seen a game that is so inspired and awesome at every possible moment. Even when standing idle in a empty lot the game is awesome. The voice acting, story, characters, consistency, gun play, tutorial, and basically everything else make Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us look like dog crap. It has a story of revenge against several bikers where you drive with better controls then forza and fight with more power the God of War. This game is the masterpiece that truly shows that games are art. The best part is all of the masterful writing and story. Every character is fleshed out more then Bioware ever could. The game even has several extremely deep romance options that even contain some of the most realistic and sexy sex scenes in gaming.  If you like games, BUY THIS. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT EVER! 20/10. 

  • I think you can do a little better at sarcasm. Something along the lines of, "it's so glorious!" "The writing and dialogue are masterful works of fiction that delve into the complexities of Jake and his mysterious father, Toledo. The gameplay, including 600 foot long powerslides, an Arkham like melee system, and amazing set piece moments that put you behind the turret make for an inspiring experience." And then you could have even mentioned that incredibly awkward sex scene... "A mature take on sex that has Jake rewarded for pursuing 5 second relationships with women whom he rescues. The deep connection between the two characters gives video game sexuality a whole new meaning." Or were you serious... Please don't tell me you were serious. ;)
  • Y'know what's baffling? People who actually like this cash grab. So many stupid people nowadays.
  • You are trying too hard, man.

  • I will never play it. So ya…

  • Either you're spamming Game Informer, haven't played or even looked at Bioshock Infinite, need glasses, were drunk, are a fanboy, are sarcastic, are pranking us, or something, because I looked at those rudimentary, PS2-esque character models in the screenshots that are nowhere near the quality as the ones in Bioshock Infinite. I've heard nothing but bad things about the gameplay & physics, so take a closer look at things. I'm pretty sure it's the general public who's correct & you who's opinion is poorly thought out.
    Edit: Looking at your profile, you don't seem to be a spammer. You know, if you're trolling us, it's not much of a prank until you let someone know you're joking.
  • So this is the first step for becoming a GI journalist? Man, GI needs to set the bar a little bit higher.
  • You're trying too hard.

  • Please tell me that this is sarcasm, because this is one of the worst games I have EVER played (besides Hulk Hogan's Main Event).