Publisher Deep Silver has just announced a new multi-title franchise called Ride to Hell, and revenge is the name of the game.

The PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 iteration is Ride to Hell: Retribution (out June 25), and it tells the story of Jake Conway – a one-man wrecking crew who will stop at nothing to get revenge against a biker gang called The Devil's Hand. Although the video below is CGI and doesn't use actual gameplay, a few shots on the game's official website might indicate third-person action with some hog riding thrown in for good measure (see our gallery below).

The saga continues on Xbox Live, Steam, and PlayStation Network this June with Ride to Hell: Route 666 – a action combat tile with tactical elements. Here you'll guide a biker gang from Chicago to LA, destroying anyone who gets in your way.

Finally, Ride to Hell: Beatdown is a mobile title that has yet to deliver any info or a release date.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is being developed by Eutechnyx (Big Mutha Truckers, NASCAR the Game), and Route 666 is being handled by Black Forest Games (Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams).