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Retro City Rampage

Kick It Old School In New Retro City Rampage Screens, Trailer

Classic gaming has gotten so many love letters these past few years that its getting close to filing a restraining order. Retro City Rampage is another mash note to days of yore, but a new trailer and screens show it's more than a dated-looking game with a chiptune soundtrack.

Vblank's game has more than 50 vehicles, 25 powerups, and more than 200 ways to customize your character. In addition to loads of old-school references, there are also cameos and levels based on Splosion Man, Meat Boy, and the Bit.Trip series.

Look for it this summer for about $15 on Xbox Live Arcade, the PSN, WiiWare, and PC.

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  • I've been keeping my eye on this for quite a while, I'm excited for it!

  • They're selling it on too!
  • Looks fun. I'll probably be getting this for the Vita.

  • Nostaldia :)

  • this and Abobo's big adventure. Fantastic.

  • I love the TMNT (NES) water level reference

  • Looks really cool! Might consider getting this!

  • Isn't this also suppose to come to the WIi U?

  • It's still coming to WiiWare? I thought that was cancelled for some reason

  • this looks better and better! please, come out soon so i can give you my money!

  • I wonder if PS+ might discount this or give it for free.