Sony Drops Two New Trailers At Launch - Resogun - PlayStation 4 -
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Sony Drops Two New Trailers At Launch

Do you love explosions? Are you excited about this coming generation of consoles? Then check out these two new trailers for Sony's stylish PS4 shooter, Resogun.

Is Resogun worth the price of admission? Check out in our recent review, or watch these crazy looking trailers and imagine yourself playing. 

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  • Don't need it!  Saw GI's Test Chamber :)

  • Is this as good as Sine Mora?
  • Why no 3D this time? Super Stardust was amazing in 3D!

  • Trailers for PS4 exclusive game. Prefaced by Xbox One/Mtn Dew advertisement.


  • Is Resogun a good game? I actually have no idea what it is (though i've heard of it), but I love a good 2D arcade-style shooter!

  • big fan of super stardust hd. Looks like i wont be disappointed