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Pure, Fast, And Beautiful Action

In a behind-the-scenes video, Housemarque developers talk about the philosophy and technology behind their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Resogun.

The developers describe the game's focus on gameplay and high scores, instead of characters and story. As a spiritual successor to Super Stardust, another game developed by the studio, Resogun is about pure action.

Players are meant to replay levels over and over to perfect their skills and improve their leader board rankings. The game also draws inspiration from old-school side-scrolling shooters like Defender and Data Storm.

To further encourage players to blow up everything in sight, the entire world of Resogun is built from small bricks called voxels. Destroying an enemy will cause it to explode into dozens of tiny cubes. Doing the same thing to a legion of enemies will result in an even bigger spectacle.

Resogun will be available for download when the PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 and will be free for PlayStation Plus members. Check out the behind-the-scenes video as well as a short video showing off the game's location concept art below.

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Behind The Scenes

The World of Resogun

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  • This game is much better than Dead Rising 3 because it's 1080p and 60fps. -SARCASM-
  • I won't be getting a PS4 day 1 because I'd rather wait for a beefier lineup of games but I gotta say, I cannot WAIT to play this game! Yeah that sentence is contradictory but I've seen a livestream of Resogun and it looks so awesome. I will pour hundreds of hours into it.
  • People gonna cry complain & everything else. But i understand the frustration sike. It's not your fault that your a underachiever.

  • So thats what that game is. I seen ppl flipping their minds about Resogun. Like Dive Kick I will give this game a week before the larger masses move on to something more fulfilling. Not getting a PS4 to play an arcade shooter. And you can dodge bullets and zip over to an enemy in a lot of games buddy. I won't be surprised if this game makes it to the mobile space.
  • I am a huge fan of old school shooters. I am looking forward to trying this game out in just under a week.
  • The nostalgia of this and the pretty graphics. It's also free for PS Plus members so that's a win for me.

  • Wow... I once was very excited for the PS4.. The PS4 launch lineup to me is the weakest I've ever seen and I've been gameing since the days of Atari 2600. Well the 2600 lineup I guess was weaker.. But even the Sony fan boys have to deep down be like "what the f#ck Sony", all this talk about how Sony makes systems for gamers by gamers and there all about the Games".. but they forgot "the games" at launch.. I mean every system needs at least one system seller at launch!! Microsoft has Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Crimson Dragoon, and Ryse... While PS4 has Killzone, Knack, Resogun, and a ton of Indies( which I don't care about).. I mean, I'd rather play around with Xbox Ones IS then play any of the launch titles for PS4... That's sad... Come on Sony, you used to be better than this
  • Reminds me of Retro Evolved with all the lights.

  • Mod

    This to me is very reminiscent of Geometry Wars on 360(which I played the hell out of)and that is most certainly a good thing.

    I'm really looking forward to playing this after we check out Killzone: Shadow Fall.

  • Housemarque has made some awesome games, from Super Stardust to Outland, and this looks to be great. It's definitely a game I'll be spending a ton of time with.
  • You lost me at "The developers describe the game's focus on gameplay and high scores, instead of characters and story.".
  • I was checking this because I know I'll be getting it free with PS+. Kinda disappointed though. Looks pretty, but I have never really enjoyed games that exist only for the purpose of high scores. I'll give it a shot, but I'm glad I will have plenty of other options next week.

  • looks good, but why does it say its coming 2014?