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  • Blog Post: I'm begining to lose faith in the resistance.

    Resistance 3 starts off with a comic book style opening briefly explaining the events that took place in the first two games after this you are plunged into the world where you as a father of a little boy have been injected with a cure to the game's enemies virus that mutates whatever it comes into... More
  • Blog Post: Little Problems Hold Back Resistance 3 From Peaking FPS Perfection.

    In 2006, one of the launch titles for the PS3 was a sci-fi FPS called Resistance: Fall of Man (developed by Insomniac Games). Out of all the launch titles, this game garnered the most praise and is considered by many to be one of the PS3's greatest games. Two years later, a sequel was released. Improved... More
  • Blog Post: A good game that could have been more...

    There are many different opinions on Resistance 3 between players and reviewers and it's mainly due to the expectations we have for this series. Resistance 3 lacks the polish and variety that Halo and Call of Duty, even with its annual releases, manage to keep. Although there is no true bad part... More
  • Blog Post: Resistance 3: Come for the Guns, Stay for the Story

    Way back when the PlayStation 3 first launched, there were few reasons to rush out and buy the $599 machine; one of them being Insomniac’s innovative new IP by the name of Resistance. Two years later, a solid sequel with notably different design decisions left the series in a slightly awkward situation... More
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