Resistance 3 brings together the things I loved most about the first two games. The weapon wheel is back! This can give a little strategy to the game, and really helps showcase one of the best things about a game made by Insomniac; the weapons.

Resistance 3: Hybird

The characters and environments look great, as do the chimera. Guns are another important thing in terms of graphics, and they do not disappoint.

The weapon wheel really says it all. Regenerating health is gone, replaced with health packs scattered across the battlefield, this can be good and bad at times. Online competitive gameplay is sort of the Call of Duty style, this is in no means a bad thing.

The voice acting is definitely a step up from previous games in the series. Whenever you kill a chimera it make a sort of screaming noise that sounds like it’s right next to you no matter where it is, this can be useful for knowing you’ve finally downed one of ‘em.

Replay Value: