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different again. and not in a good way. but this is still fun

each resistance game is different but really fun. the first game set the standard, the second added new weapons and large scale battles, but you could only carry 2 weapons at a time and it had completely different controls, retribution was a fun psp shooter, but unlike the ps3 titles, this was a third person shooter. then there's this. insomniac tried to bring back the original game, but it didn't succeed. they brought back the item menu, but they changed it to an item wheel, but that works great, and instead of cycling through every weapon when you hit the item menu button once,like resistance fall of man, you swap between the last two you were using, and that's good. the controls are different again (ducking and grenades). and there aren't really large scale battles. but the problem is the health system: it doesn't regenerate like the other resistance games. the first one used health items, but you had somewhat of a health recovery. and the second had a casual health system. retribution didn't have regenerating health unless you infected the game through resistance 2, but that system worked. it's not the greatest to run out into the open to recover health. but the online multiplayer is amazing. and for some reason, you have regenerating health. there are different game options and great maps, with a good number of people playing online. you should at least get this for the online multiplayer. the campaign is average though. unlike the other resistance games


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