I was a bit worried about one of my favorite franchises in gaming when I heard it was taking a different direction. It was no longer about being a *** military man dead set on ridding Earth of the Chimera. It was now about one mans personal story, his quest to try and do the right thing when everything has already been lost. After about an hour with Resistance 3, it became crystal clear that I was worried for nothing. Resistance 3 is the best Resistance yet.

I won't bore you with a long review, but just know that Resistance 3 feels like Half Life 3. I am by no means saying that Insomniac ripped off Valve in any way, but it is clear that they were inspired by one of the greatest franchises in gaming. Resistance 3 is smooth, gorgeous, and fun from start to finish. The 8-10 hour campaign is filled with breathtaking set pieces, a great story, and butter smooth controls. Being inspired by Half Life 2 is the best thing that could have happened to the franchise. It feels familiar and completely unique all at the same time.

The pacing is nearly perfect, and the action is intense. It is everything you could hope for in a AAA shooter. Resistance 3 took the lessons learned from the second game in the franchise and returned to us the incredible weapon wheel and health packs. Being able to carry around every weapon you find is a refreshing change from the norm, and the lack of regenerating health makes every battle seem twice as intense. Being able to choose from so many weapons at will forces you to make split second decisions and experiment at every corner. It is a change that all FPS's should begin using again.

You can't go wrong here. Resistance 3 is another great game from one of the best devs in the business.