Off the bat, I'm a huge RE fan; read all the books, completed all the games. So upon hearing a remake on the Wii I happily hopped aboard. This game does each game justice in correctly acknowledging story vital points which ultimately leads to a wholesome and satisfying 'remake'. I say 'remake' because this isn't exactly a remake of anything other than the story. Game play is of course completely different and fully utilizes the Wii remote's capabilities. I used the zapper which felt somewhat awkward due to simultaneous use of the remote and the nunchaku, however the controls were still moderately set.

I felt compelled to add this to my review, there a few changes made to the story to add to a more fluent play through. Ultimately, I agree with these changes being a lot more realistic. For instance, the RE2 PS1 game allowed you to play through two separate campaigns using one of the two characters Leon, or Claire. They were split up almost the entire game except during a few key cut scenes. Now, I'm not going to go into how I felt about the story in RE2 but I will say that if I were stuck in a zombie infested police station, I'd want someone to watch my back.

Ultimately, I'd completely recommend this to anyone who loves this kind of arcade style game play as well as fans of the franchise. This game does include tidbits of information that even the books did not bring up. Game play is fun, albeit frustrating at times. I'd say, a relatively nice addition to any Wii game library.