While I’ve already covered a week with games I’ve played on the Playstation 3, it’s best that this next topic be one of grave (snickers) importance!  Zombies are the greatest plague of man kind (next to mimes) and everyone should get some practice in killing them, zombies no mimes, before the great apocalypse happens and zombies are boundless.  And so, this week I’ll give you a list of five zombie games that are both newish and pretty good.

It’s only proper that the King of Zombies games have at least one entry included on this list.  And so I will nominate Resident Evil The Dark Side Chronicles, the latest entry in the Resident Evil series, to be the first on this list.

Now, this game is an arcade, or lightgun, style shooter.  And while it may be more cinematic, it is by no means a standard Resident Evil game.  Nevertheless, I played the majority of the game in single player, although coop is supported, and lemme tell you, the game isn’t as easy as many console shooters (of this genre) are.  Not to say my deaths were frequent, but normal difficulty kept me on my toes.  That was the case until I made two changes:  took advantage of the standard pistol’s infinite ammo and upgrade system for weapons to make the pistol especially potent as well as have a friend join me for the final levels.  Having a friends along thankfully doesn’t become confusing unlike Dead Space Extraction and House of the Dead Overkill and over all makes the hordes of enemies seem like small parties (read: group/ gaggle/ murder etc) of zombies instead.  Simply, with all the enemies there are they tend to attack very quickly and if you cannot shoot quickly or accurately enough (a slight problem with the Wiimote) you could die very quickly since you are not capable of independent movement.  Every enemy has a weak spot (generally the head) although while it makes sense to shoot zombies in the head, the actual hit box for a one shot kill is very tiny.  Actually connecting a shot to the face at all, on a zombie, is not at all difficult.  Unless the shot goes straight to the spot of the head right at the top of the hair line (seriously) no dice then.  There’s a small dot in the middle of your cross hair that will glow whenever you place your aim on an enemy’s weak spot.  Well that dot only glows at the tip top of the zombie’s head, which makes it fairly frustrating (albeit invigorating when you do succeed in braining one of the creatures, which just makes for typical Capcom and their buried and complicated gameplay mechanics amidst a simple game’s controls).  Otherwise though, the game plays fine!

The most enjoyable aspect of Dark Side would be revisiting Resident Evil 2.  Easily said, 2 is the best of the Resident Evil series (I put it almost dead even with 1’s remake and 4 shortly behind that).  And I’m especially glad how much longer this game is compared to Umbrella Chronicles.  Another nice touch is the addition of the story about how Leon and Krauser met which could make for an entertaining game in its own right (perhaps a combo of RE4 and 5…Capcom?  Hint Hint!  Coop with Leon and Krauser plus escorting the game’s damsel in distress Manuela ala Ashely from RE4?  Just sayin.)

Oh right, and Tofu may be an enemy this time, in a certain mode, but that’s just fan service and not especially important…right?