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Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations Wii U Trailer Explains The Benefits Of Two Screens

Resident Evil: Revelations is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but the Wii U version is the only one that will let players play with two screens like the original release.

Along with some features you would expect, like having the map relegated to the GamePad, you will also be able to play off-screen (something confirmed last month), and interact with the MiiVerse in humorous and helpful ways.

For more on Resident Evil: Revelations, you can check out the developer diaries that Capcom has released for the game. This one covers the heritage of the Resident Evil franchise, and this one explains why viruses are terrifying.

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  • I think I'll have to pick up this version. I just like the idea of clearing as much HUD off the TV as possible.
  • Mod

    The thought of a zombie dog bursting through the window and mauling my Mii character to death horrifies me.

  • Tough choice on version for me. I love achievements/trophies and I love miiverse and the gamepad. Feels like first world problems type of worry.

  • I already have this amazing game for 3DS and it only costs 20 bucks now. I MIGHT get this for Wii U. I really wished that Capcom had added more story to this version but its okay.
  • I was really hoping they would include local co-op using the game pad split screen feature that games like Black Ops 2 uses. Either way I'm still looking forward to this, just hoped it was another Resi co-op game I could play with the wife.
  • i don't even have my Wii U yet, and i've already pre-ordered this and watch dogs for it.

  • Wow. This just sucks. Resident Evil, you should have stayed with pure zombies.
  • I played this game twice on the 3DS. I don't think I'll be purchasing it again, but I'm glad some of my friends will get the opportunity to play ths great game. This is the best RE title in a long time.

  • Easily the best RE game since part 4, though I'm unlikely to buy it again--at least not yet. And while I'm a bit annoyed to see the 3DS lose such an amazing exclusive, I strongly encourage RE fans to check it out.
  • Meh. Do something creative with the game pad instead of just using it for maps and inventory.
  • This looks good, but I'm getting it for my PS3, since I don't have a Wii U.

  • I can't wait for this game. It's another example of what the WiiU can do that other consoles can't.
  • I feel like I'd pay too much attention to one and get killed lol.

  • I'm getting this for the U after I trade in the original version. I can't wait to have an ooze walking towards a player saying "Why won't you love me???"

  • I see no reason to spend $300... If you already bought a Wii U though, I suppose it's a bonus.

  • Just add the feature to the Vita and PS3 and we can play it on the PS3 no problem.

  • Another acclaimed title for the Wii U is always welcome.

  • Nintendo needs to step up and publish some HD revisions of certain 3DS titles. A nice HD version of Kingdom Hearts DDD would sell good as would many others. his should be a new initiative of Nintendo. At the ery least, make a 3DS player for the wii U similar to the gameboy player for gamecube. I dont think it wouldnt cut into 3DS system sales one bit.

    Wh didnt Ninendo tink of ths? it boggles my mind that they would sit dle and let the system fly under the radar like this with so few releases. I know it will pick up at some point but holy ***. Im glad I still have my ps360.    

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