Heyyyyy. My name is Warrior and I have been playing Resident Evil: Revelations for a LONG time and I finally decided to write a review on it.

So sit back and enjoy the show.

When I first got Resident Evil: Revelations for my 3DS... I had high hopes that it would be amazing because I played the demo Nintendo gave out via eShop. I was highly impressed by the graphics and gameplay. So I got the game for about 40 bucks and started playing.

Man...this game blew my mind.

The game is rated Mature for alotta reasons. There's some nudity and curse words flying around during the game. I wouldn't recommend this game to a little kid who can't handle seeing women being half naked or hearing one of the game characters whisper the "s" word when he/she find they have ran outta ammo.

The main character is the beautiful and brave... Jill Valentine. Jill is a total beast, in my opinion. She has to take down alot of bad guys in this game and she does it in style. Her partner is this guy named Parker (I think...I forgot the guy's name). He's a cool guy. Then there's my good friend: Chris Redfield. He's also in this game. He commands respect, my friends. He deserves some praise because... Well.. I don't wanna spoil what happens. Chris' partner is this curvy and gorgeous woman named Jessica. Trust me. She's pretty. There's some more good people in this game but I don't wanna spoil who they are.

And then there's all the bad guys you will meet in this game. Get ready because the scenes with them are tense.

Pros for getting the game: The graphics are just stunning. Sooo beautiful. I can really appreciate the amount of hard work Capcom poured into making this game look great. The STORY is kinda confusing. It starts off simple but it gets VERY complicated as the game progresses.There is something called Raid Mode and its really fun. Its great for practice and you can also play with a friend via Online or local wireless. Its a mode where you hunt down monsters and you can play as any character you want (as long as you unlock them).

The gameplay is POWERFUL. A+, boys! Hahah, that's all I should say for the gameplay. Its just really good and user friendly.

Cons: The Bosses in this game are incredibly tough and annoying. The first boss totally caught me off guard and I died like 10 times until I finally found a way to take him down. Killing a Boss takes patience, luck, and ammo. The bosses are sooo overpowered. I'm not joking. If they hit you once, you're down and dead. The last boss will make you scream in anger because he does stuff you just will not like. Another huge con of this game is that sometimes you will feel as if the game is too hard and there is alot of pressure on your shoulders. As you progress in the game... The missions get harder and harder and sweat will start to begin to form on your head from nervousness. My best advice is that you take a step back and take a breather. Resident Evil is known to make gamers feel weak and outnumbered. But lemme tell you... When you kill a boss... IT FEELS AMAZING. Adrenaline will pour through your body!

Final Thoughts: This game is truly scary. The first mission will have you shaking in your boots for sure. The vibe of the game is dark and the mood is tense. I suggest that you get this game because its fun and requires alotta thinking.

Is this survival horror? Yep.

Well... That's it, ladies and gents. Sorry if I wasn't really "grammar correct". I was being myself when I wrote this review. :)