I'm a pretty big fan of the Resident Evil series, but I haven't played too many of them. This game though, is fantastic. Definitely better than Resident Evil 5. It puts scares back into the series, and adds a lot of great things too. This is the first game that I have played on a handheld system that feels like a console game.

First off, it is important to note just how fantastic the visuals are. It looks better than many of the launch 360 games, and definitely better than RE4. The 3D works great too. Some of the monsters you fight are so big you have to do a double take to remind yourself this is portable game. The controls feel fine too. Aiming works great and switching items and weapons on the fly works like a charm. The touch screen is a fantastic way to manage your items, but you can also change guns and items by a push of a button. I must confess I haven't played with a dual stick, but I'm sure that the addition of moving while shooting would be great.

The story is one of the best RE stories so far. The great pacing and switching between different characters and times is fantastic, and the variety of scenarios and enviroments is a great relief from all the games on handhelds that are plagued with repetitive locales. Many of the boss fights are great, but I was often frustrated with one particular enemy (who is terrifying) that kept appearing. She is invincible, and appears at moments where you really don't want her to be around.

The voice acting is great, and the sound effects and music is good stuff for being a portable game. The addition of multiplayer is good too. There are several unlockables and rank systems, and the co-op is good. I haven't played much of it though. I enjoy raid mode, as it is a different twist on Mercenaries mode.

All these additions: the great graphics, the good gameplay, and the nice multiplayer mode, make this feel like a console game. As such, I think this a great game, but not quite as good as many console games out there. Is it a fantastic handheld game? Most definitely. So let me end with this:

Console game level: 8.5   Handheld game level: 9.25