Being fairly young, I was unable to play the old Resident Evil games back when they were focused more on survival horror parts and less on action parts. My first Resident Evil was 5, and while it was an amazing action shooter co-op game, the game lacked any real survival horror. While Resident Evil 6 looks to return the balance of the two genres, Resident Evil: Revelations was the first to try to bring survival horror back into the increasingly growing action packed series. And to Capcom' s success does both incredibly well, all while on the go. 

The story tells the tale of Jill Valentine and her new partner Parker Luciani, who are looking for Jill's old partner Chris Redfield, who has been reported missing on the cruise ship named the SS Queen Zenobia. While on the ship Jill and Parker learn about a brand new virus, the truth behind the destruction of a city called Terrorgrigia, and find moles within the FBC. 

The story is told by episodes complete with recaps and cliffhangers. Within the episodes is different sections which will separate the main story, Jill's run through the Zenobia, and other parts of the story including flashbacks of past events and action packed events as Chris. When playing as Jill, the game returns to it's roots as survival horror. In these parts you will be stripped for ammo, scanning items with the new Genesis, and moving slowly and cautiously through the halls and rooms of the huge cruise ship.  While playing as Chris or other characters, the game changes for more action packed form of gameplay. During these events you'll fight of wolves, fight against new enemies called the hunters and blast through tons of explosions. 

No matter who you play as, the game plays the same way. You shoot with Y and aim with R. You can also move and shoot while holding the L button. A new and useful mechanic to the series, however, just like in the previous 3DS entry The Mercenaries 3D, while strafing you are set in one direction of aiming. If you have the Circle Pad Pro accessory, this problem is solved, but those without it will have to stick to the original stand, aim, and shoot formula. Switching weapons is controlled with the control pad and also with the touch screen. Speaking of the touch screen, the map is displayed on the bottom, along with amount  ammo, herbs, and other valuable info. All the HUD is displayed on the bottom which leaves the top screen relatively clean, however, this also means you have no health meter, meaning you'll have to trust your gut and how much blood is on the screen to determine how well your character is doing. 

As with most survival horror games, the sound is very important and Revelations does a great job in sound department. All the sounds sound life-like and clear. You'll know a couple seconds before you see an Ooze that one is nearby. However, the 3DS's speakers doesn't do the game enough justice. I highly recommend playing this game with headphones if you want the true sound quality. Voice acting is also decent, however a couple characters will make you wanna mute the 3DS (mainly during Quint and Kieth's parts) 

One of the things Revelations does very well is in the graphics department. Revelations is easily one of the best looking 3DS games to date. The game rivals even some 360 and PS3 games, looking more of like an early version of Resident Evil 5. The 3D effect also shines mainly during Jill's parts. You'll know exactly how far those enemies are in the hallway when you see them. 

Conclusion: Resident Evil: Revelations is a great game that mixes survival horror and action almost perfectly. The story will suck you in and will make you wondering what happens next even when you close your 3DS. Even after you finish 10-15 hour campaign, you have an ultra hard new game plus mode, a co-op multiplayer mode, and streetpass missions to keep you busy. You're getting a console quality experience for a good price. If you have a 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations should already be in your collection, and if you don't go out and get it! It's a great game built from the ground up for a great system. 

Pros & Cons list


  • +1.5  A compelling and interesting story
  • + 1.5   Perfect blend of survival horror and action
  • + 1  Great controls
  • +0.5  High replayability and great multiplayer
  • +0.5  Great graphics and sound design


  • -0.25 Very annoying characters
  • -0.25 a lack of proper health system