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Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations Consoles Get New Infernal Mode

A new difficulty setting called "Infernal mode" is included in the forthcoming Wii U, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of Resident Evil: Revelations. Infernal mode offers a greater challenge, as well as new enemy and item placement.

The trailer below also states that players can expect "new terror around every corner." Every corner, Capcom? That'll be insane, if true. The trailer certainly shows no shortage of enemies. I don't even think Dynasty Warriors has an enemy around every corner.

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  • Looks interesting. It's a bit sad that this is the first RE I've been excited about in years.
  • Is that big hulking monster a new enemy type as well?

  • pretty sure that phrase captures the RE franchise since 5.
  • This looks Awesome. YAY for me that I'll get this as an anniversary present from my GF!
  • I can't even beat the classic-style games normally...this will be a fun challenge.
  • can't wait... i hope it has versus mode like RE5. i had RE5 for like 2 years or so enjoying playing it :)

  • Wow, looks hard.

  • Demo. Give me a bloody demo, Capcom, so I can see how it works on PC.
  • Ahh, so this is the REAL Resident Evil 6 (and yet it's before 5).

  • hey will you guys take a survey for my english 102 class please?
  • Jeeez...

  • This was really good on 3DS so I'm looking forward to the console version.  I know, I'm an achievement junkie......

  • Great. More dumb zombies that Slowly start moving into your direction.

  • That seems pretty crazy. I dunno if I could beat it on that difficulty. I kinda wish that the "Arranged Mode" type would be in every Resident Evil.
  • I'm really on the fence on this one.
  • I enjoyed the 3DS very much. Easily my favorite RE game.
  • Looks cool, not enough to warrant another 40 bucks, however

  • I doubt I'll ever play on this difficulty, but it looks awesome.

  • Can I trade my copy of RE6 for this game when it comes out? Pleeeeeease.

  • I look forward to this... I still think it should be $40 not $50.

    Capcom, always tryin to nickel and dime.

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