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Resident Evil: Revelations

Hands-on With The HD Console Version

Capcom impressed 3DS owners early last year with Resident Evil: Revelations. The story fills in gaps between Resident Evil 4 and 5, following the exploits of series mainstays like Jill and Chris aboard a zombie-infested ship. Now that Revelations is on its way to consoles, fans that took issue with Resident Evil 6’s focus on intense action can look forward to a more traditional horror experience.

Resident Evil: Revelations looks great on the 3DS, but it looks even better in HD. Capcom has added increased detail to character models, polished environmental textures, and built a new lighting system. Creeping through the halls of the dim, derelict Queen Zenobia is far more unsettling here than on the handheld. The cutscenes look even better running at 1080p, and appear on par with those found in Resident Evil 6.

Dedicated Resident Evil fans who hunted down a Circle Pad Pro for their 3DS experienced an added level of control. Wielding two Circle Pads allowed players to simultaneously move and aim with their characters, a first for the main series. Using the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers’ dual analog sticks feels even better, and shooter fans will feel right at home aiming for zombies’ weak spots. Purists who prefer the stop-and-shoot mechanics of Resident Evil 4 and 5 can switch their control scheme to classic if they prefer.

This HD version of Revelations is also on the way to the Wii U, complete with full support for the GamePad. Players use the controller’s built-in screen to view maps and manage their weapons, similar to the lower screen’s function in the 3DS version. You can also scan the environment for hidden items by holding up the GamePad and moving it around in front of you. Capcom also supports the unique Wii U feature that lets players bypass their TV completely and play only using the GamePad’s screen. The Wii U’s Pro Controller is also compatible is you want to skip the GamePad entirely.

The graphics and controls are in great shape, but I’m also excited that Revelations’ two-player co-op Raid Mode is surviving the leap to consoles. Playable online, this mode lets two players work through select sections of the campaign together, gunning down monsters and unlocking new weapon upgrades. Everyone’s favorite gas-masked Umbrella agent, Hunk, is also coming exclusively to this HD release. Hopefully the greater numbers of console users vs. 3DS users will mean this fun mode is more popular the second time around.

All the elements that made Resident Evil: Revelations great appear to be making the jump to consoles. Even better, Capcom is adding new enemies and a higher difficulty to keep returning veterans on their toes. The only missing piece is the 3DS’ three-dimensional capabilities, but the tradeoff for HD visuals is worth it. Fans will be able to get their hands on the game at retail on PS3, 360, and Wii U for $49.99. Digital versions will be available launch day on PS3 and PC, with the 360 and Wii U to follow later.

This preview is as it will appear in issue #240 of Game Informer

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  • Can we get confirmation that laser targeting is still an option for us gamers who don't want crosshairs?
  • I missed this installment when it came out for 3DS so I'm glad my laziness will reward me with playing this game on a larger screen. From what I heard from friends it was a worthy entry in the series. Very excited. :)
  • You could move and shoot without the Circle Pad Pro. I have the 3DS version, and there's nothing but minor cosmetic differences to this--and a higher price. Still annoyed by the how many exclusive games are disappearing these days. The only consoles that will retain value will be Nintendo's based on the strength of their first-party stuff. Hopefully this generation gets a serious enough shake-up with all the new entrants.
  • No PC love? Sad :(
  • No split-screen for raid mode? That makes me sad.

  • Mod

    Lmao, that first screen...Jill looks pissed that the Boob-chick Rachel has..bigger breasts then she does xD

  • It's got a ZombiU scan feature in the Wii U version? *Sigh*
  • Kind of wish that would've just made RE6 completely in the vein of this game, seeing how well it did and trying take the best aspects to magnify for an official numbered sequel.

  • I have this on my 3DS and I just can't finish it. Don't get me wrong, it's mildly entertaining when you are playing as Leon (somewhat classic Resident Evil) but every time it switches to Chris... my god, it's like getting a root canal. This series is agonizingly boring when it's just mindless action.

    And no one has to tell me, I already know I dodged a HUGE bullet by skipping RE6
  • I might give this one a go. I just bought Resident Evil 6 with a friend and I'm honestly having a ton of fun. If Revelations has good co-op, I'll probably check it out.

  • w0000000000000000t!

  • Was worried for a bit that it would almost be a straight port in terms of graphics. Glad to see they are actually upgrading the game and giving the Wii U version several options for variety. A friend of mine said to wait for a price drop on this, but this looks to me like a day one purchase.

    EDIT: since this takes place between 4 and 5, I hope they finally explain how Jill went from brunette to blonde.
  • Played it on 3DS and it is the best RE game since 4. I highly recommend it especially for anyone seeking a more traditional RE experience.

  • Will definitely be picking this up

  • I never thought I would find a handheld game frightening, but this game made me jump well more than once.

  • I might get this for the PC.  Always love more traditional Resident Evil!  It's good to see Capcom put the effort of making it a decent port instead of a sloppy one.

  • Awesome! So glad this is turning out well, because I missed out on the 3DS version. I can't get M rated games on my 3DS because my son will find it and play it (the 3DS is his on the weekends if he meets the criteria), and that would mean countless nights of nightmares and getting woken up in the middle of the night. I can't say enough how happy I am that this is getting the HD remake treatment.
  • dam can't wait but it's still not up for pre-order :/

  • No release date for this yet??

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