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Resident Evil: Revelations

Why We Can't Wait For Resident Evil: Revelations

If you gotten hold of issue #225 of Game Informer, you already know from my preview that I'm ecstatic about Resident Evil: Revelations. The 3DS' tiny cartridge is stacking up to deliver big thrills and tense survival horror for fans of the franchise. After six hours with the game, I needed to talk all about it with another huge RE fan at the Game Informer offices, Bryan Vore.

Check out the video below to see how the game captures the old sense of survival lost in the recent games, how it stacks up to the console versions, and brush up on the game's story. Resident Evil fans should keep their eyes on this one leading up to its February 7 release date.

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    The more and more I hear about Revelations, the more I've been getting excited. I was pretty wary about playing an RE title on a handheld, but everything I've seen and read about it lately has me pretty pumped.

    Edit: After listening to Tim (a bona fide RE fan) talk about this in such a positive light....I officially can not wait to play this now. February can not come soon enough. My life is severely lacking in the Survival Horror department lately lol.
  • Revelations??? Really??? I'm sure I don't need to point this out, but we've already had Assassins Creed: Revelations. Resident Evil should be a little more creative.
  • Now... I, yea, I'm buying this day one. The scanner reminds me of Metroid: Prime, but gives you an actual reason to scan everything. I'm excited! Thanks for your thoughts Tim.
  • Wow... I now want a 3DS. Thanks, you guys!

  • Hands down, one of the most gorgeous handheld games I've seen.

    And the gameplay? Are you SURE this is 3DS, because that was butter smooth.

  • Looks like I'm getting a 3DS after I buy a 360...

  • This needs to be on Vita, it will be so much better on the Vita

  • Man I am at a crossroad right now. The PS Vita currently holds my attention but however I have always been a bit interested in this installment of the RE series. I guess I can get both systems but it is pointless to buy a handheld with only one game in mind.
  • nice, it will be awesome to have a vita version or maybe a ps3 dlc.

  • the omission of a second analog on the 3ds is beyond comprehension. I don't care what this guy says, I won't buy a single analog console.
  • Why does everyone want this on Vita? Do you guys really want another port? I know I don't. Let Resident Evil Revelations stay on 3DS and have a new one for Vita
  • It seems alright,but I really want a console Resident Evil because I'm not really into portable gaming.

  • Actually everything I'm hearing says the game is supposed to be in 2005, before RE 5 takes place. It sounds like something awesome, but I'll probably be too cash-strapped to buy any new games, let alone a 3DS to play this one.

  • Many times over the years I've said "Never been a handheld gamer, but this game from -one of my favorite franchises- is likely to be the system seller"

    Metal Gear, God of War, Valkyria Chronicles... I wanted more, but I'm just not a handheld gamer, never will be - so long as my week to week is the way that it is now with work consuming every moment that I'm not at home sitting on the couch and resting, preferring a controller and large display to hunching over a tiny screen.
  • that characters boobs were way huge.  just who i'd hire to be on a squad for this type of job.

  • I thought this(seemingly convoluted)story took place before RE5. At the very least there are flashbacks or something, I thought I heard that somewhere. This certainly is a reason to own a 3DS, though knowing Capcom it will end up on every system under the sun. Though they will be missing the 3D and/or the touchscreen mechanics.

  • I heard that this game comes bundled with the Circle Pad Pro. If true, that would make that $50.00 dollar price tag less of a bitter pill to swallow. Though with Tim saying that the single analog didn't hold him back at all I wonder how necessary it will be.

  • With all the games finally coming out for this I may finally pick up the 3DS sometime next year.

  • i really cannot wait for this.. so glad i got my 3ds but now im going to have to make it bulky with the addition of the second joystick that’s coming out for this.. knowing my luck i get the extra stick and they announce a new 3ds lite with an extra joystick built in ..
  • Cool :)

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