I was excited when I heard about this game coming out, but the came was released at a time when I could hardly afford rent and bills so I never got to get it then. My brother gave me the game three weeks ago because he didn’t like it at all, so I thought I would give it a fair playthrough to see if the bad reviews I heard were accurate. I never made it past Birkin in the lab. My AI never fired a bullet at Birkin. My character wanted to auto aim so I couldn’t move around him, just left to right, and he just kept smacking me with his lead pipe so I couldn’t even stand. I tried this with multiple characters, some of which never made it to Birkin...such as the demolition character. This game would have been much better if the AI had the competence of the Left 4 Dead AI, but instead the other three characters are empty vessels waiting for another player to possess them. I have never had so many problems and rage moments since Ghosts & Goblins for the NES, but at least I knew from the start that G & G was unfair and relentless. RE: ORC is broken and lacking everything that would make it fun and playable for me.