I love the Resident Evil franchise. Fighting off zombies and having the crap scared out of me is a lot of fun, and I thought that Slant Six would do the franchise right. I was sorely mistaken. While it's not completely broken, it is close.

The story is almost an insult to Resident Evil fans, with many things that isn't in the original storyline happening, like Leon Kennedy being able to be killed, or Nemesis having it's control mechanism broken to where he is a rampaging monster. The characters are all pretty uninteresting, really being faceless, despite the fact that they all talk. The guns are so horribly balanced that there is no telling when a shot from your sniper will kill in one or three shots, which matters a lot, seeing as how you will burn through ammo very quickly. The action is okay, with the combat being fun, when it works right. But with the zombies, the spec ops, and the occasional boss, there is just too much stuff on screen for anybody but the really good players to handle in their first life. It doesn't last very long, but the ending is pretty cool, and is one of the only things about this game I really loved. The multiplayer isn't much better. It sounded really good on paper, but it just becomes a chaotic mess if any strategy is involved. The maps, and the entirety of Raccoon City actually look alright, and I couldn't complain too much about how it looked. The boss fights themselves feel unfun. They are a pain to play through, and I wish they weren't on there at all.

This game is sort of a wreck, and I don't know why I even bought this thing. Resident Evil 6 was a good game, and Resident Evil Revelations was a great game, but this was the game that ruined Resident Evil in 2012. Don't buy it unless you want a half broken slap in the face for Resident Evil fans.